Waterfall to Heathcote Walk – 10 October 2016

I forgot to record this walk I did over a month ago. It was a fairly ordinary walk from Waterfall to Heathcote via Uloola Falls and the Karloo Pool but there was a fair bit of nature on display – including many species of orchid.


The orchids were really nice – many Caladenia Orchids, many Bearded Orchids, One Flying Duck Orchid and one Sun Orchid.

wh10oct16-6 wh10oct16-7 wh10oct16-12 wh10oct16-15 wh10oct16-13 wh10oct16-14

As well a lot of other wild flowers were out, and so there were also a lot of pollinators out too.

wh10oct16-1 wh10oct16-3 wh10oct16-2 wh10oct16-8 wh10oct16-11

As for animals – I spotted an echidna near Waterfall Station, lots of lizards and one small snake (it was too fast for a photo)

wh10oct16-4 wh10oct16-9 wh10oct16-10

More photos of the trip are online on my website here.

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