Royal National Park – Northern Coastline

I had recently been on photographic trips to the southern coastline of Royal National Park. It was time to return to the coastline  to the north.

Eagle Rock at Curracurrong

Eagle Rock at Curracurrong

in this section of the park, there is a lot to see at this time of the year. An abundance of Spring wildflowers, a lot of birds, reptiles, the odd marsupial and its a good place to spend the time  looking for whales on their migration south.

rnp17oct16-22 rnp17oct16-21 rnp17oct16-9

Near Bundeena, you see a lot of Instagrammers heading to White Rock (Wedding Cake Rock) –


I also saw a few military places fly past.


The cliffs, rock platforms, beaches and logos are also fascination and great photographic subjects. Here is a selection of photos of this beautiful part of the park –

rnp17oct16-2 rnp17oct16-1 rnp17oct16-3 rnp17oct16-6 rnp17oct16-5 rnp17oct16-4 rnp17oct16-7 rnp17oct16-8 rnp17oct16-10 rnp17oct16-12 rnp17oct16-14 rnp17oct16-13 rnp17oct16-16 rnp17oct16-15 rnp17oct16-18 rnp17oct16-19 rnp17oct16-20 rnp17oct16-23 rnp17oct16-26

More photos are online on my website here.


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