The Waterfalls of Box Creek – 12-14 October 2016

David Hufton had suggested a photographic trip to the Boyd Plateau. I always enjoy that area. Some thoughts were to go to either or both of Morong Falls or Box Creek.


We ended up going to Box Creek and spent two nights camped at a delightful campsite above Box Creek Falls. We walked in via an easy ridge from the Kowmung River Fire Trail. We left this road near Gillespie’s Lookout and at first followed a rough road west that followed close to the rim above the Kowmung Valley. We then descended down a rocky spur to Box Creek. On the way we spotted a nice tiger snake – coiled up, but not asleep. But it must have been very sluggish as it was quite cool on the day.


We arrived at the top of Box Creek Falls in the mid afternoon and after photographing the upper cascades we headed for a campsite. There were a few possible places very close, but David had camped at one previously not far away and shelters by a low ridge.  As it was a bit breezy, any shelter was appreciated. The campsite had had a big tree fall down right through the middle of it, but it was still very nice – flat and grassy. Ideal!

bc12oct16-3 bc12oct16-2

After setting up the tents we ventured back to the top of the falls and then descended down easy slopes on the true right to a lower level. This was perhaps about one third of the way down the total drop, and below two large and one small waterfall. Nearby were some large granite boulders.

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Perhaps this was the bottom of Box Creek Fall? Myles Dunphy’s Kanangra Tops Map marks both Box Creek Falls and then lower down – the Dungalla Cascades. We spent some time photographing the waterfalls and then climbed back up to the top and headed to the campsite.

bc12oct16-8 bc12oct16-7

It had been quite a while (1975) since I had been to these waterfalls and it was very nice to return. The reasonable flow in the creek also made things attractive.

During the night it rained lightly. But by morning the rain and stopped and the sun had come out. It was a cool nice day with enough cloud to provide shade for good waterfall photos. This time we again descended down to the bottom of the falls (and the top of the Dungalla Cascades), and then descended right to the bottom of the cascades. More waterfall photography.

bc12oct16-10 bc12oct16-11 bc12oct16-12

We slowly climbed back up. This was quite easy to do, not too far from the  falls that make up the Dungalla Cascades and we could traverse along ledges to the bottom of the individual drops. The multitude of waterfalls flowing down the granite slabs were most attractive. They reminded me of other waterfalls in grate country I had seen at other places such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and in Corsica.

bc12oct16-13 bc12oct16-14

After lunch, we followed the creek upstream to see Black Banksia Falls. The creek itself is a bit chocked up with scrub, but the baks nearby are not too bad. We went up part of the way on the true right and then crossed onto the true left. It was easy going about 50 m above the creek level.

Black Banksia Falls

Black Banksia Falls

Black Banksia Falls are also very attractive. It is an easy scramble up the falls on the granite slabs. Beautiful country!

Black Banksia Falls

Black Banksia Falls

Then back to camp for a cuppa and we finished off the day with some more photography back near the top of Box Creek Falls.


It was a cool night (it went down to 0.5°C overnight), but we awoke to a fine sunny day. After breakfast, we packed up and started on the way back to David’s car. On the way back, we stopped for views on some of the many small bosses along the way.


This was a great few days. Thanks to David Hufton for the trip and the company. More photos (and a map) are online on my website here.


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5 Responses to The Waterfalls of Box Creek – 12-14 October 2016

  1. Paul Peters says:

    Wonderful photos Dave. Just some feedback. I think the date is wrong on your website link. It reads:

    Box Creek Falls, Dungalla Cascades and Black Banksia Falls – 12-14 September 2016

  2. David Hufton says:

    Great photos..was memorable to share stories with you. We have had parallel histories in the outdoors. Similar values.

  3. Jimmy says:

    That last photo on your website is incredible Dave, well done.
    What camera setup are you using for hiking?

    • Dave Noble says:

      Thanks for your comment about my photo. I would have used a Sony a7rII for this photo. Most photos taken with a Sony 16-35 mm f4 lens. I think the last one was taken with a Sony 55 mm f1.8 lens.

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