Royal National Park – Southern Coastline II

It had only been a few weeks since my previous visit to this part of the coast in Royal National Park. On that trip, I had been unsuccessful in photographing the Figure Eight Pool. I had the right tidal conditions (you need to go during a low tide) – but the seas were rough and water was sloshing over the pool and its surroundings.

Figure Eight Pool

Figure Eight Pool

The Figure Eight Pool, as I mentioned in my last post, has recently become very popular with Instagrammers for some reason I have not been able to fathom. It is a nice spot for sure – but I think there are lot more places in Royal National Park or along the greater Sydney coastline that are more special.


Anyway, places like this are always a challenge to photograph. It is a challenge to try and get a good photo of a place that is very well know and often photographed. Near the Figure Eight Pool are a number of other interesting rock pools and some beautiful formations on the rock platform.


Like my last trip, I walked in from Otford Station along the Coastal Track to the Palm Jungle and then down to the rock platform. This is a pleasant walk, especially when the wild flowers are out.


When I arrived the pool was right out of any waves, but it was “awash” with Instagrammers. Different groups were waiting around it for their turn, then jumping in the pool and posing for photos. I had to wait a fair while for most of the people to leave.


The wait was worthwhile, as people left, the conditions for photography improved, and I was able to obtain some reasonable photographs of the pool and the surrounding rock platforms.

rnp7oct16-12 rnp7oct16-10 rnp7oct16-9 rnp7oct16-7 rnp7oct16-6

On my way out, I also had a look around the Palm Jungle. Some of the old fig trees are quite amazing. And there are a few examples of what I imagine is a tree being surrounded by strangler vines and then the original tree dying and a hollow network of vines remaining.

rnp7oct16-15 rnp7oct16-14 rnp7oct16-13

More photos from this visit are on my website here.


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