Leura Forest – a Look for Fungi and Orphan Rock – 20 March 2016

After recent rain, I thought that a return to Leura Forest could be worthwhile to look to see if any fungi was out.

Postia casei

Postia casei

I walked down from Leura Station to Leura Cascades and then walked down the cascades and then descended a lot further down to the valley at Leura Forest. On the way down, there had not been too much fungi out, and this was also the case around the forest. The fungi that was out was similar to what I had seen the day before at Mt Wilson – some small buttons and jelly fungi.

LF20Mar16-1 LF20Mar16-5 LF20Mar16-7

There were, however,  quite a few slime moulds out. Here are some examples –

LF20Mar16-2 LF20Mar16-3 LF20Mar16-6

After finishing at the Forest, I continued along the Dardenelles Pass track to the base of the Giant Stairway and then along to Federal Pass to the base of Katoomba Falls. I then climbed up Furber Stairs.

I took the turnoff to the small cascades at the half way ledge and stopped there for some photos.


Higher up, I turned off on the track going up towards Scenic World. Part way up, I located the old track to Orphan Rock. This is a feature that I have never visited before. It is quite a high pinnacle quite detached from the clifflines and is located between the scenic skyway cable car and the funicular  railway.


It was a short walk to the base of the pinnacle. Then an old track can be followed up to the summit. This track was constructed in the 1930’s and was closed in 1974 according to this blog entry. On the way you pass a gate, but there are no warning or keep out signs. It is easy going except for two places where you need to climb up two sets of old wooden stairs – both sets of stairs have quite a number of their rungs missing! The railing is a bit old too. But it is certainly an interesting spot and one well worth visiting.

LF20Mar16-9 LF20Mar16-10

Why was the track closed? Perhaps the pinnacle was deemed unstable? It is certainly quite exposed in places and overhanging with an arch through it. Or perhaps it was too expensive to upkeep?


After visiting Orphan Rock, I descended back to Furber Stairs and continued up past the Witches Leap to the lookout above and then to Katoomba Cascades, Echo Point and along the Prince Henry Track back to Leura Cascades and then the short walk back to Leura Station.

This was a nice day out in the bush. More photos from the excursion can be found on my website here.


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3 Responses to Leura Forest – a Look for Fungi and Orphan Rock – 20 March 2016

  1. Schimmel says:

    Omg! I have never seen a fungi and mold of this type. Something different.

  2. James Lightoller says:

    There are many references to Orphan Rock having been closed because it was regarded as unsafe

    • Dave Noble says:

      The old track may be closed, but there is no indication we could see at the location saying the rock itself is closed.

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