Bushcare at Diamond Bay – 20 February 2016

Our bushcare group spent a busy morning weeding at Diamond Bay at Dover Heights. There is a small bushland remnant at the top of Rosa Gully – a popular climbing area. This is one of the few bushland remnants in that area.


In our group was Enmoore, Stu, Su Li, Martin, Steffy and myself. We were joined by some other rock climbers and also members of the local bush care group. We removed a lot of Morning Glory, Japanese Honeysuckle, Asparagus Fern and Turkey Rhubarb. There was also a lot of Lantana and lower down some Prickly Pear that we left alone this time.

DB20Feb16-1 DB20Feb16-2

After lunch, we went down Rosa Gully. This is a zawn, and it was an easy scramble to reach the bottom. On theĀ sides of the zawn are quite a few sports climbs and a few climbers were on them.


What is interesting is a traverse you can do. At the sea wood end of the zawn, a rickety ladder provides a passage to a ledge. One up on the ledge you can wander a surprisingly long way along the cliffs. The ledge is very narrow and exposed in places but these are protected by a ropeĀ handrail.

DB20Feb16-6 DB20Feb16-7 DB20Feb16-8 DB20Feb16-9 DB20Feb16-10 DB20Feb16-11 DB20Feb16-12

Some of the group were keen for some climbing, but Stu and myself headed to the nearby Grumpy Baker for a coffee.

DB20Feb16-13 DB20Feb16-14

Stu has developed a Sydney Weeds App, that has been available for iPhone for a while and is now available for Android. This app is very useful for bush regenerators. It not only helps you identify weeds but also advises on how to deal with them. You can details from Stu’s website – Quoll Designs.

More photos from the day are online here.

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  1. Allan Johnson says:

    I used to live in Kimberley Street 65 odd years ago.I can remember the lovely old house at the end of the street where the high rise is. we used to pick blackberries in the bush. Peels had a dairy there and had a few horses for their delivery carts. Used to fish from the rocks

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