Tasmania - Central Plateau Walk - 14 - 26 April  2008

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Day 5 - Walls of Jerusalem to Chinamans Plains

Above - Setting off from the Walls. Col is without a pack - he was only walking the first bit before heading back to town

Above - John and Chuin Nee walking around part of Lake Ball. We soon headed cross country along the Chinamans Plains

Above - John exploring some tarns

Above - On previous trips I had called this area the "Funky Tarns". It is a very intricate set of small ponds. In Corsica they would be called "pozzines"

Above - Our first site of "fagus" - northofagus gunii - the local deciduous beech - endemic to Tasmania

Above - Our first of two campsites on the Chinamans Plains. This one was close to a small rocky hill that provided excellent views

Above - From the rocky hill looking down to the campsite (bottom right) and Lake Toorah. Beyond are the Walls of Jerusalem

Above - Lake Penah

Day 6 - Chinamans Plains

More traversing of the Chinamans Plains - generally easy walking and some route finding - picking our way along the white bits on the map. On this day we saw a platypus in one of the lakes - but it was too shy to pose for a photo.

Above - Our second campsite - on a ridge above some nice lakes

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