Tasmania - Central Plateau Walk - 14 - 26 April  2008

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Day 7 - Chinamans Plains - Ling Roth Lakes - Mountains of Jupiter

Above - At some small tarns - we spotted this interesting member of the richea genus. Too small to be pandani and too large to be scoparia. Later on, after consulting a book on Tasmanian trees - we realised that it was probably a hybrid of the two

Above - John inspecting the "hybrid"

Above - This one is pandani - richea pandanifolia

From this point on - the white bits of the map ended - and we had to walk through light green and then dark green zones - it was scrubbier and a lot slower for a while.

Above - Chuin Nee in a slow bit of fagus - this section between two of the Ling Roth Lakes was the only really slow bit - and thankfully it was very short

Above - Chuin Nee (left) and John (right) and my shadow - on the way up onto the Mountains of Jupiter

The tops of the Mountains of Jupiter are fairly open. On most previous trips - I had headed north and dropped down near Lake Artemis to the Traveller Range. But on one trip I had headed south and dropped down at the south end of Lake Payanna - and that is a nice scenic way to go. So that was the way we went on this trip.

Above - Looking back to the now distant Walls

We passed an area of beautiful small lakes - near a high point of the range - it was too good a spot not to stop - we quickly located a nice sheltered campsite and spent the late afternoon taking photos

Above - Looking at the peaks of the Du Cane Range and Mt Ossa on the extreme right

Above - our campsite

Above - Falling Mountain

Above - Chuin Nee - and the distant Mt Ida

Above - Mt Massif, Falling Mountain, Mt Ossa and Pelion West

Above - the Acropolis and the Geryon

Above - John and Chuin Nee - with a full moon above the campsite

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