Traverse of Mt Hopetoun and Arthur Range (SW Tasmania)

16 - 27 January 2001

Page 2 - Eastern Arthur Range Double Traverse

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Day 6 - We climbed Luckmans Lead and traversed the Eastern Arthur Range to camp at Hanging Lake. On the way the weather cleared perfectly. After pitching our tents on the platforms at the lake we quickly climbed Federation Peak and left a colourful entry in the summit book.

Above - Looking down from the top of Luckmans Lead

Above - The Dial and the Needles

Above - Federation Peak from Stuart Saddle

Above - Federation Peak

Above - Federation Peak from the Southern Traverse

Above - Alex and Rob on the scramble up the peak

Above - Mt Hopetoun from Federation Peak

Above - Hanging Lake and Mt Geeves

Above - Alex on the summit

Above - Rob and Alex on the way down

Above - Dusk - top of Thwaites Plateau

Above - Dusk - top of Thwaites Plateau

Above - Dusk - top of Thwaites Plateau

Day 7 - Up early to photograph the sunrise. Later, a large wall of mist rose up out of some abyss and flooded over Federation Peak - a most impressive site! We then descended back down the range to camp at Pass Creek

Above - Dawn - Whiz Range

Above - Dawn - Whiz Range (The Whiz Range named by Barry Higgins in the early 60's has also been called "Tam O'Shanter", "The Craycroft Hills" and the "Crest Range")

Above - Dawn - Federation Peak

Above - rising mist

Above - rising mist

Above - our campsite near Hanging Lake

Above - view from Hanging Lake

Above - view from Hanging Lake

Above - the Devils Thumb

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