Arthur Range Walk - January 2006 - Part 1

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - James Bevan, Dave Noble, Sarah Truscott (Days 1 to 6), and we also met our friends Dylan, Katrina and Andrew - who had set out for the Western Arthurs about the same time as we did.

Day 1 - January 15

Above - Dusk - near Mt Hesperus

Above - Dusk - view along the Western Arthur Range from Mt Hesperus (Peak 4)

Above - Sarah does some sketching

Above - Dusk

Above - Sarah looking at the sunset

Above - Peaks along the range

Above - The Frankland Range

Above back to the campsite. Sarah and James.

Day 2 - January 16

Above - dawn - looking east along the range

Above - dawn - looking east along the range

Above - Precipitous Bluff in the distance

Above - dawn - looking east along the range and at Lakes Pluto, Neptune and Triton

Above - Lake Cygnus

Above - Mt Hayes

Above - View from Mt Sirius of Lake Oberon and the rest of the range

Above - Looking back to Mt Hayes and Mt Procyn

Above - Quartzite crags under Mt Orion

Above - a mottled sky

Above - Sarah - dusk, near Lake Oberon

Above - Dusk, Lake Oberon

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