Arthur Range Walk - January 2006 - Part 2

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 3 - January 17

Above - Quartzite near Lake Oberon

Above - Richea pandanifolia near Lake Oberon

Above - Astelia Alpina (Pineapple Grass)

Above - Sand ripples - Lake Oberon

Above - Varnished Gum (E vernicosa)

Above - Dracophyllum milliganii

Day 4 - January 18

Above - View from the Pegasus - looking towards Mt Capricorn

Above Lake Uranus and Lake Titania from the Pegasus

Above - Sarah on the summit of the Pegasus

Above - Lunch below Mt Capricorn - looking back at the "incredibly steep but fern covered slopes"

Above - Crags and pinnacles

Above - Mt Capricorn and Lake Ariel

Above - Sarah and James

Above - James

Above - small flowers

Above - James on a small peak near High Moor

Above - Crags

Above - Crags

Above - Dead plant

Above - the footprint of God (wearing volleys of course!)

Above - Dusk - High Moor

Above - Sarah (sketching), Dylan (with camera and tripod), Andrew and Katrina on Mt Columba at dusk

Above - Dusk

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