Young - Wilkin - East Matukituki via Gillespie and Rabbit Passes

Day 9 - Ruth Flat - Bledisloe Gorge - East Matukutuki - West Matukituki - Wanaka

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This was our last day - and should have been an easy day - but we stared early and walked fast to make sure we could catch the bus back to Wanaka.

Above - dawn light

Above - Chuin Nee walking fast

Above - on the track above Bledisloe Gorge

Above - Manuka (Leptospermun scoparium - and a source of some very fine honey) - it is a type of tea tree

Above - Rob and John enjoy the view before descending down to Cameron Flat

Above - Back down at the river, Chuin Nee tries out her first walkwire

Above - John on the walkwire

Above - John on the walkwire

Above - Rob on the walkwire

Above - peaks above shrouded in cloud

Above - Chuin Nee on the next walkwire

Above - Chuin Nee on the next walkwire

Above - we continue down the East Matukituki

Above - the East Matukituki

Above - this part is assisted by cable

Above - careful does it. Chuin Nee does a delicate move to climb over the electric fence

Above - Our last bridge - over the West Matukituki

Above - back in Wanaka for a "snack" and a few drinks

After this trip - we had a rest day in Wanaka to check out weather forecasts etc and then head back to Queenstown and then to the Caples - Greenstone Curcuit for our second walk

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