Young - Wilkin - East Matukituki via Gillespie and Rabbit Passes

Day 1 - Young Valley

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On this day we caught a jet boat from Makaroa to cross the river to the start of the Young River track. We then walked up the valley to Young Forks then up the south branch to Young Hut. This was a pleasant walk mainly through beech forest.

Above - John and Chuin Nee on the jetboat we used to take us up the Makaroa to the Young River confluence. The river was fairly high so the jet boat trip was a good option.

Above - walking up the Young River - a very pleasant and easy track

Above - Chuin Nee walking on the flats

Above - lichen

Above - the Young River

Above - We passed this commercial party being guided up the river

Above - the river

Above - Chuin Nee and John on the bridge over the north branch

Above - fern

Above - John, Rob and Chuin Nee on the way up the south branch. Early on we had to negotiate this slip.

Above - walking through open silver beech forest

Above - a handy bridge over a side creek

Above - the side creek

Above - Chuin Nee on the bridge

Above - South Branch of the Young River

Above - a side creek

Above - interesting yellow fungi

We then arrived at the Young Hut to find it close to being full. It was full later on with people sleeping in tents outside and on the balcony. I went off with a camera to see what was near the hut.

Above - ferns

Above - ferns

Above - ferns

Above - ferns

Above - ferns

Above - beyond the ferns was this fine view looking up the valley towards Mt Awful

Above - and on the forest floor I spotted this strange fungus - we later identified it as a "strawberry fungus"

Above - back in the forest

Above - moss encrusted silver beech

Above - back at Young Hut - this hut is pretty new and replaces one a bit further up the valley that was removed as it was in an avalanche path

Above - back up looking at the peaks - the weather is closing a bit....

Above - upper south branch

Above - everlasting daisies (Helichrysum bellidiodes)

Above - Rocks in the streambed

Above - Chuin Nee does some shooting

Above - possibly Native Violet (Viola lyallii)

Above - beech

Above - a small stream near the hut

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