Caples - Greenstone Circuit

Day 6 - Greenstone Hut - Lower Greenstone Valley - Carpark

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

This was our last day on the walk - and the next day we would all fly home to Australia

Above - dawn

Above - dawn

Above - small creek

Above - small creek

Above - Sliprock Flat

Above - on the track

Above - strange looking - Lancewood

Above - nearby waterfall

Above - The Greenstone River (we could see lots of trout in this pool)

Above - The Greenstone River

Above - Chuin Nee photo-pfaffing

Above - John crossing the Caples

Above - back at the Caples - Greenstone confluence

Above - Back at the carpark shelter  - Chuin Nee has some vita wheat with her peanut butter.

Above - back to Glenorchy via the watertaxi

Above - Back in Queenstown, after a big dinner of fish and chips, Chuin Nee tucks into a small bowl of salad.

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