Europe 2006 - Walkers Haute Route - Chamonix to Zermatt

All photos © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 10 - September 17 - Zinal to Gruben (Meiden)

Day 10 was wet. I walked up the track from Zinal towards a pass called the Forcletta. On the way - there were many runners competing in a mountain run - they didn't seem to mind the rain or the steep slippery track. As I ascended I passed Bob and Bill and then met Wit and Jen. Wit and Jen decided to go and seek out accomodation at the Hotel Weisshorn rather than tackle the pass in the bad weather.

Above - At the Forcletta (2874m) - it  was snowing! I didn't hand around for long and quickly descended down to Gruben. Later, when Bill and Bob got to the pass the snow was several centimetres deep.

Above - I stayed in this hotel at Gruben - it was fine. I had a whole dortoir room on the top floor to myself. There was plenty of room to hang out wet clothes and a warm shower was very welcome.

Gruben (also known as Meiden) is the first german speaking village on the walk - and is only occupied in summer. The hotel closed down for the season a few days after my visit.

While I was having dinner - Bob and Bill made it to the Hotel. Bill had had a hard time on the big descent from the pass in the cold snowy conditions.

Day 11 - September 18 - Gruben (Meiden)

Another wet day. I had breakfast with Bob and Bill - they had decided to get the bus out and then the train to Zermatt. I decided that it would be wise to remain for the day in the village rather than go over the next pass in bad weather and miss all the views.

Above - Gruben

Above - the Turtmanntal Valley

Above - Bob and Bill waiting for the bus

I spent most of the day on a daywalk on the track up to Meiden Pass - it was a good chance to take photos in the forest.

Above - Pine tree

Above - detail

Above - detail

Above - Flower

Above - Somem sort of plant

Above - leaf

Above - flower

Above - the path in the forest

Above - raindrops on leaves

Above - forest

Above - small flowers

Above - grass flowers

Above - colorfull leaves

Above - seed

Above - creeping  pine

Above - detail

Above - Meiden Peak. On the track I met up with Wit and Jen coming from the Hotel Weisshorn. It had been booked out when they arrived and they had to seek out alternative accomodation further down the valley.

Above - Fontaine

Above - alipne meadow

Above - small plants

Above - mist

Above - glacier up the valley

Above - leaves

Above - the path in the forest

Above - the forest

Above - the path winding down the hill

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