Europe 2006 - Corsica - the GR20

All photos © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 5 - October 1 - Ascent of Paglia Orba, Ciottulo a i Mori to Refuge de Manganu

The night before I had talked to two German girls about the route up Paglia Orba. They said it was not too difficult - and to follow the "stone men" (cairns). The climb turned out to be quite  easy and took about an hour from the refuge to the summit.

Above - me on the summit of Paglia Orba - the third highest peak in Corsica.

Above - Ridges to the south

Above - Looking back to Monte Cinto (on the right) and the Cirque de la Solitude - left of the middle.

Above - On the way down - a good view of the Tafanatu arch.

I then went back to the refuge and packed up and headed off along the track.

Above - On the ridge, not far from the refuge

Above - In the pine forest near Castel de Verghio - Laricio pines.

Above - the beautiful Lac de Nino

Above - near the lake were some friendly wild horses.

Above - Pozzines near Lac de Nino

Above - Moonrise near Refuge de Manganu. The refuge wa a popular one with lots of people inside and camped outside. Lots of trekkers had come from other tracks as well as the GR.

Day 6 - October 2 - Refuge de Manganu to Refuge de Petra Piana

Above - After we left the refuge - we had a nice climb up to the Brêche de Capitellu.

Above - A French trekker - Patrick, at the Brêche de Capitellu

Above - Great views of the Lac de Capitellu and the Lac de Melu from the Brêche de Capitellu

Above - The ridge ahead.

Above - On the ridge

Above - a nearby pinnacle

Above - Looking back at the Lacs de Rinoso

Above - Spotted orchids

Above - at the campsite near Refuge de Petra Piana. It was really only a half days walk to the refuge - so I spent the afternoon doing washing and relaxing. This was the first refuge that had no gardiene at that time.

Above - the Moors head- the Corsican flag

Above - the afternoon mist rolls in

Above - rays

Above - mist

Above - pinnacles on Monte Rotondo

Above - Monte Rotondo

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