Europe 2006 - Corsica - the GR20

All photos © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 7 - October 3 - Refuge de Petra Piana to Vizzavona

There were two possible ways to go for the first section of the walk. A low level route (the GR 20) or a high level variante. I chsoe the high level way - and after setting out I thought this was stupid. As soon as I had traversed onto the ridge - I found myself in very windy conditions. But mostly the  ridge was easy and open walking.

Above - Open  ridge walking

Above - the ridge continued being mainly easy - but there were tricky sections like the peak in the middle.

Above - Other walkers on the high level route

Then the two routes joined back up and then there was a big climb to the Crête de Muratello.

Above - over the pass - looking back at the ridgeline

Above - A small canyon on th way down

Above - Deciduous beech near the canyon

Above - the canyon

Above - bridge over the canyon

Above - Sign outside the Gite - the Bar-Restaurant de la Gare

Fellow trekkers after an excellent meal - Patrick, , Anneka, Stephan, Cathy, Jean-Louis

Day 8 - October 4 - Vizzavona to Bocca di Verdi

This was a day a bad weather - cold winds, a little bit of rain and mist. It wasn't too bad as the standard track went mainly through forest. But I missed out on doing  a high level variante via Mt Renoso. But the forest was very beautiful.

Above - Mist on the tops

Above - the path

Above - On the path

Above - Patrick at the Bocca Palmenti

Above - bergeries - shepherds huts

Above - forest

Above - forest

Above - pine forest

Above - flower

Above - forest

Above - fungi

Above - forest

Above - bergeries

Above - stream in the forest

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