Europe 2006 - Corsica - the GR20

All photos © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 4 - September 30 - Asco Stagnu to Ciottulo a i Mori

This was another very spectacular and long day. It involved the passage through the Cirque de la Solitude - which involves the most challenging scrambling on the GR20.

Above - From Asco Stagnu - there was a long steady climb up to the pass shown here - the Bocca Tumasginesca. The last part involved some easy scrambling.

Above - At the pass - looking down into the Cirque de la Solitude. From this point you descend 200m, traverse a bit and then climb up to another col (Bocca)

Above - the descent was very steep - and chains were in place for assistance

Above - Looking back up - three walkers are visible in the top half of the photo.

Above - The route up to the other col

Above - These walkers were going the other way to me

Above - The Cirque ands at the Bocca Minuta. This was where I photographed these tiny flowers.

Above - From Bocca Minuta - looking towards Paglia Orba - which I climbed the next morning.

Above - Daywalkers climbing up to Bocca Minuta from the Ravin de Stranciaccone.

Above - a side ridge of Monte Cinto

I walked past the next refuge, the Refuge de Tighjettu and had lunch near the Bergeries de Vallone. Then there was a long hot climb up to the Bocca di Foggiale and then a short walk to the nexy refuge - the Refuge de Ciottulu a i Mori.

Above - A nice play to enjoy a beer - the terrace at the Refuge de Ciottulu a i Mori. This is the highest refuge on the GR20 and has fine views. I camped outside the refuge - but had a nice friendly evening with the others in the refuge and camping outside - over a few pitchers of wine.

Above - Late afternoon mist. Most afternoons - mist rolls in from the sea and comes up near the peaks. Some times there is just a little bit of mist. Sometimes it is very misty by lunchtime.

Above - Paglia Orba - the third highest (and perhaps the most spectacular) peak in Corsica.

Above - Late evening.

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