Europe 2006 - Corsica - the GR20

All photos © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 3 - September 29 - Refuge de Carrozzu to Asco Stagnu and ascent of Monte Cinto

This day involved crossing the suspension bridge, then climbing up a series of slabs, past a small cirque lake then over a pass and then a step, slow descent to a ski resort.

Above - Looking up the Spasimata slabs. Two walkers are just visible in the middle of the photo - about quarter way down from the top.

Above - Some section of the slabs were poised above the abyss. Cables helped. Most of the scrambling was quite easy.

Above - The gorge

Above - A beautiful small lake - the Lavu di a Muvrella. This lake does not support any aquatic life.

Above - the Lavu di a Muvrella

Above - Fabian, a walker from Germany, admires the view near the top of the pass - The Bocca di a Muvrella

Above - Fabian walking

Above - Peaks - with some daywalkers heading out on the Muvrella Ridge variante - photographed from the Bocca a i Stagnu

Above - Monte Cinto and satellite peaks - from near Bocca a i Stagnu

I got down to the next refuge at Asco Stagnu at lunchtime - so found a nice shady and sheltered spot to set up my tent and paid the camping fee. After lunch - I set off to climb Monte Cinto - The highest peak in Corsica. I left at 1:30 pm and was going to keep going till 5 pm at the latest and then turn back. I got to the summit at 4:47pm - just in time. This was a very worthwhile climb - even in the misty conditions I experienced.

Above - On the way up Monte Cinto.

Above - Towers of rock in the mist

Above - Mist and rock - on the way up Monte Cinto

After a lomg spectacular climb (involving only easy scrambling) - I thought I had arrived at the summit - but then the mist cleared a bit and I noticed a higher summit a little further on and then a sign pointing to the continuing route  up.

Above - View from the top (2706m) - mist.... At the top was a crucifix and a logbook.

Above - On the way down

Above - On the way down

Above - Above - On the way down - Lac de Argentu

Above - Looking back at the summit block

Above - On the way down - pinnacles

Above - On the way down - pinnacles

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