Europe 2006 - Corsica - the GR20

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September 26 - Calvi - Calenzana

In the morning I caught the ferry (the large boat to the right of  the wall - in the distance) from Nice to Calvi. This took about 3 hours and was a nice way to travel to Corsica. At Calvi I checked with the tourist office for buses to Calenzana. There was one later in the afternoon. That gave me time to go to the big supermarket and buy some food. I already had some food that I have bought in Zermatt (peanut butter and drink powder) that I hadn't seen in supermarkets in France and I already had coleman type gas cylinders that I had bought in Nice (Everyone said you cannot buy them in Corsica)

At Calenzana - I stayed in the GR20 Gite de Etape - which was convenient and quite nice. I met a nice girl Inge, from the Netherlands who had just finished some treks - and she had just bought some food to have a big dinner - but she had bought too much food so she offered to share her dinner with me. We ate very well and also had some nice wine. She had spent some time in Australia and spoke very good English.

Day 1 - September 27 - Calenzana - Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu

Above - The main street of Calenzana. I left the Gite about 8:30am and set off on the walk which starts not far beyond the buildings in the photo.

Above - The route climbs a fair bit on the first day. This is looking up from the Bocca a u Saltu

Above - From near the Bocca a u Bazzichellu - a sign of things to come....

Above - In Laricio pine forest

Above - I camp in this sheltered spot outside the Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu.

Above - Dusk, from near the refuge

Above - the sun sets into the Mediteranean.

Day 2 - September 28 - Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu to Refuge de Carrozzu

Above - After a short climb you arrive at this spectacular spot - the Bocca Piccaia. This was the first view I had that showed the true nature of Corsica's rugged mountains. It reminded me a bit of some of the mountains of Tasmania.

Above - Mountains

Above - Rugged. Peaks and pinnacles.

Above - Granite rock formations

Above - Looking towards Paglia Orba from near Bocca d'Avatoli

Above - Granite ridge

Above - there were plenty of these small green lizards

Above - I went to the refuge and set up camp. Then I went to see this bridge  a short way ahead on the track - the passarelle suspendue de Spasimata. The next day when I crossed the bridge - two mouflons where visible on the left hand slope.

Above - Slabs

Above - Peaks above the refuge

Above - Slabs

Above - Peak above the refuge

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