The Yodellers Range

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Above - The Yodellers Range from Nullo Mountain - late afternoon

Above - This section of the range is very complex and slow to traverse

Above - This natural tunnel in the range - The Jungfrau - provides access to the tops from the Emu Creek side

Above - The small peak in front of the mist is the Aiguille de Schooner. The curving crack does provide a very steep descent route - but most of the party scrambled down to the trees on the left and reached the main irdge system by a very exposed traverse. Behind the Aiguille is the Stockade (in the far distance, out of the mist).

Above - Sunrise from a high amp on the Un-Named Peak

Above - Dawn - Myrtle Creek Valley

Above - Peter Vanamois (Moose) looks back at the steep descent route from the top of the Un-Named Peak. The route lies just to the left of the prominent left hand vertical crack.

Above - The Unnamed Peak from the Blue Yodeller

Above - This view shows better the descent route from the Unnamed Peak. About a third of the way down a walker is visible on a traverse. The principal difficulties of the descent is the steep and exposed top half - the ramp. The ascent of this peak from the other side is even more difficult and is more than a tricky scramble.

Above - After the Blue Yodeller is Watts Mountain. The Blue Yodeller, while steep is relatively easy to traverse. Watts Mountain is quite tricky to climb from this side. Our party scrambled up the first two steps and were then stopped by an imposing headwall - about half way up the arete. Later, this was climbed by Nic Bendelli and party. Mt Morgan can be seen across the valley on the right.

Above - Watts Mountain from the Blue Yodeller

Above - Watts Mountain and the rest of the range from the Blue Yodeller

Above - The "Beer Stein" this natural arch forms a perfect quadrant. It is on the side of Watts Mountain.

Above - Looking along Watts Mountain. Behind on the far right is The Blue Yodeller and to the left of that is the Unnamed Peak.

Above - Tom Williams - our principal route finder on our traverse of the range, looks at Wedding Cake Mountain. Note this peak is wrongly labeled on the current 1:25,000 map

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain - always changing its appearance depending on where you view it from

Above - Tom Williams and Chris Cosgrove looking at Wedding Cake Mountain from a small hill in the valley near Emu Creek

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain from the Cats Ears

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain from Lovers Leap Range

Above - On our traverse we gave this peak the name - "The Pile of Poop". Our route was up the chimney on the bottom - on the left side of the saddle - to reach the top of a pinnacle. Then it was a steep and very exposed scramble up the face to the summit. On a later trip - we found an easier route up from the defile behind the peak.

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain - chasms

Above - Wedding Cake Mountain - chasms. The peak of Wedding Cake Mountain that is closest to Myrtle Creek is known as "Mt Tindale". The Tindale family have farmed Myrtle Creek for many generations. In the 70's on trips we would enjoy meeting and talking to old Mr Tindale - who used to tell us many tales of the area - about the country, horses and bushrangers.

Above - this amazing bit of ridge connects the Cats Ears to a peak we called the "Christmas Pudding"

Above - the connecting ridge

Above - Looking down from the summit of the Christmas Pudding to the Pile of Poop. Between the two peaks is a very narrow defile.

Above - Col Mathers abseiling into the defile

Above - a view of this area from Mt Morgan. The peaks from left to right - part of Watts Mountain, the small Aiguiile de Four Ounce, Wedding Cake Mountain (two summits close together and a third on the right - Mt Tindale) in front of the third summit is the Pile of Poop - then a narrow chasm can be seen - and then there is the Christmas Pudding and the ridge leading to the Cats Ears. There are also chasms between the peaks of Wedding Cake Mountain and the Pile of Poop.

Above - One of the Cats Ears. When coming up the Widden Valley the names for these features are very obvious - they do look like a pair of cats ears.

Wedding Cake Mountain (left) and Watts Mountain viewed from Myrtle Creek

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