The Blue Breaks - Axehead Range

All photographs © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Above - Dawn from Axehead Mountain. Green Wattle Mountain and Broken Rock Range on the left and Lacys Tableland on the right

Above - Dawn - Axehead Mountain. Vengeance Peninsula is on the right

Above - Vengeance Peninsula and the "Bullaren Peaks" - Bull Island on the left and Bull Island Peak (Alchemy Mountain) on the right. Behind lies Lacys Tableland. Bul Island is a corruption of the aboriginal name - "Bullaren" according to Myles Dunphy.

Above - Bull Island Peak from Axehead Mountain

Above - Vengeance Peninsula and Bull Island from Axehead Mountain. Both can be sky-line traversed.

Above - The "thin bit" of Vengeance Peninsula. Behind is Lacys Tableland. On the right are two obvious passes. One is up the point in the middle right. Rope is handy for one section of this pass. The other is on the far right - Lacys Gap - and easy walk up pass - just to the left of the large block visible in the photo.

Above - View north from Vengeance Peninsula. On the left is Green Wattle Mountain (which can be traversed - but offers little in the way of views - it is too low) and Lacys Tablelnd on the right. Many passes exist onto Lacys Tableland as can be seen.

Above - rock formation - Vengeance Peninsula

Above - another view of the "thin bit", Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Gordon Thompson on the "razorblade" - the ridge that extends towards Lacys Tablelnd from Bull Island Peak. This is a truly amazing formation.

Above - This ridge heading north west off Axehead Mountain provides an easy route back towards Scotts Main Range and the Kowmung River. The main difficulty is getting off the second bump - down steep slopes of dirt (via the right hand side)

Above - The Axehead Range from Lacys Tabeleland

Above - Dawn - from Axehead Mountain. Bull Island and Bull Island Peaks

Above - Dawn - Axehead Mountain. After rain rock pools such as this can provide good sources of water.

Above - Looking down Green Wattle Valley towards Broken Rock Range from Vengeance Peninsula

Above - Another view of the "thin bit", Vengeance Peninsula. Some easy but exposed scrambling is required to negotiate this section of the high level traverse.

Above - Ashley Burke and John Atkinson on the "thin bit"

Above - morning mist

Above - another dawn view

Above - Dawn - looking towards Lacys Tableland

Above - Stormclouds over the Kowmung Valley from a high camp on Axehead Mountain

Above - Stormy sky

Above - Sunrise over Vengeance Peninsula

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