Two Rivers Ride - 15 December 2009

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Riders - Digi Dave, Albert, Dave N

This was an evening ride from the Cooks River to (near) the George River. Thanks to Digi Dave for organising  this ride. We ventured out on a Tuesday evening - starting a little after 6pm from Canterbury. The total distance was about 36 km - this was out and back along a different path and then to Marrickville for a post ride feed.

We started at the old sugar works at Canterbury

Above - The Cooks River

Above - The confluence of Cup and Saucer Ck and the Cooks River

Above - The old Sugar Works (1841, it only operated till 1855)

Above - Bridge over the Cooks River

Above - Albert pauses to photograph this cataract in Cup and Saucer Ck. It is interesting to compare it with photos taken early last century on this site

Above - Digi Dave on the Cup and Saucer Ck cycleway

Above - This overpass can allows access to the M5 Cycleway

Above - Digi Dave and Albert on the M5 Cycleway - along Wolli Ck

Above - As Digi Dave said - riding along the canal is just like being in Venice - but without the gondolas

Above - This part of the cycleway is hard to spot - hidden in a high wall

Above - wetlands

Above - Bogan art gallery under the M5 near Salt Pan Ck

Above - Mangroves, Salt Pan Creek tributary

Above - Boardwalks through the mangroves

Above - Tussock grass

Above - Woodlands

Above - Further along - we pass under the water pipeline

Above - The end point for our ride - on Salt Pan Creek near the Georges River

Above - Riding back

Above - Salt Pan Ck

Above - A profile of the ride - you can see it is pretty flat

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