Cooks River - Homebush Bay - Parramatta Ride - 6 March 2010

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

This is a ride starting and ending at Dulwich Hill of about 60kms - mostly on pleasant cycleways.

A map of the ride can be found here.

Above - The Cooks River - almost art?

Above - mangroves at Homebush Bay

Above - the cycleway at Homebush Bay

Above - reflections

Above - crab - there were lots of these.

Above - jogger

Above - creek near the M4 at Newington - lots of floating bottles.....

Above - the cycleway near the M4

Above - near Duck Creek

Above - Duck Creek

Above - now the cycleway goes under Duck Creek

Above - more footpath cycleway

Above - and now back under the M4

Above - riding back near Parramatta

Above - a Rivercat at Silverwater Bridge

Above - birds in a saltmarsh at Homebush

Above - the ride profile - note the GPS altimeter was not claibrated.

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