Mooney Mooney Creek Ride- 18 November 2006

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permision.

Riders - Chris B, Rob, (Active) Tim and Dave

None of us had done this ride before. It was described on the NoBMoB site. We found the ride to be quite worthwhile. We rode about 22 kms.

The ride starts on a road just under the Mooney Mooney bridge - accessed from the old Pacific Highway. Basically it follows the Great North Walk and returns the same way. All these photos were taken on the ride back to Mooney Mooney bridge.

Above - Tim and Rob at the "tanks"

Above - Chris and Tim on the start of a long downhill section

Above - Rob, Tim and Chris at an old dam

Above - At the dam

Above - Chris resting at the creek crossing

Above - on the way back

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