Menai Ride - 8 March 2008

Riders - Chris Collier, Dave Noble

Here is a Google Earth GPS plot of our ride -

We started from the community school at Bardens Ridge - and followed the high level track to the Nuclear Reactor. Close to the reactor we crossed the main road and followed it on the other side for a while and headed to the open area with the concrete slabs and old BMX jump park. We continued out towards the tip on the main trail. We then headed off exploring some trails to the south and east. One we followed out and back - but the other went down a valley and crossed a swampy creek and followe it down heading towards the new north shore stuff. On the way we noticed another trail on the right - which we later followed back. We continued north crossing the creek - the trail eventually took us to the rocky area - very close to the new north shore stuff - and we got onto one of the tracks we had explored last trip. We returned the way we had come from and took the other tarck mentioned above - which went very clsoe to the old BMX jump park (the nearby concrete slabs are the white area above the word "image") - the back along the track towards the tip.

We then followe the northern boundary of the tip - and along the singletrack to the north - this time taking a left hand bend - back down to the creek along a nice section of singletrack - we followed the creek upstream - and then climbed up tracks that eventually took us to the shooting gallery gate - so we headed back along a rough road - eventually reaching the ford. Here we crossed the creek - and went up the hill to Little Forest. We bypassed the "wastelands" - staying on the roads to the fenced off paddocks. When we reached our outward path - we turned east - again along raods through the paddocks - and took the shortcut trail to the top of the hill and back along the main trail to the entrance. Then along the main road - crossing it and back along the lower track - back to the school. The ride was a  little over 21 km.

Here is the profile of the ride

The  google earth image shows all the tracks followed on recent trips - there is still a lot more to map!

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