Menai Rides - 23 December 2007 and 10 February 2008

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Riders - Dec - Chris Collier, Rob Hynes, Dave Noble, Feb - David Forbes, Dave Noble

23 December 2007

On the December trip we did a big circuit - and then found some new trails that took us to this new section of singletrack.

Above - Chris looking at a see-saw section

Some of the riders that had contructed this "North Shore" section of tracks were around -

Above - one of them did this nice jump

Above - more structures

Above - more structures

10 February 2008

Time for another ride. It had been raining a lot lately - and conditions were quite wet in places.

Above - Here is the GPS plot of our ride. The 003 waypoint marks the new "North Shore" tracks. The loop in the top left is at the "Little Forest"

Above - Here is our start and end track - we started from the Oval at Bardens Ridge - and soon pick up the top single track. Our way back is along the lower single track (south most route)

Above - Dave Forbes riding on wet singletrack near the Tip

Above - Big pools near the Little Forest - close to the Little Forest Loop Track

Above - The loop track at the Little Forest - it features sweeping bends with good berms - but on the day was a bit muddy in places

Above - at the new north shore stuff

Above - The 003 waypoint marks the north shore stuff. The track branches off - part way up the hill on the track that goes to the concrete slabs (visible - upper centre). This track starts just past the two wooden bridges near the entrance track. The more usual route continues down the valley - a bit lower than the blue line.

Above - more structures

Above - The outward and return tracks on the east side of Illawarra Rd - Note the Woronora River on the right.

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