Lucas Heights - MTB Ride - 21 November 2009

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Riders - Chris, Clare, Rob, Dave

Above - Chris sets off for a jump

Above - and gets some air....

Above - Clare's turn

Above - and then Rob's

Above - Chris has another go

Above - and so do Rob and Clare

Above - Further on - it looks good....

Above - Chris approached a big drop

Above - a small jump

Above - On the other side of the creek is a bigger jump. Only Clare has the skill to do this one

Above - another go

Short videos of Clare on this jump can be found on YouTube here and here.

Chris also has some videos of Clare on this jump from a differnt viewpoint - here and here

Above - Chris in the run up for another jump

We then move off along some of the trails.

Above - Clare on a steep section

Above - Wildflowers

Above - Grevillia

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