Hornsby - Galston Gorge - Wisemans Ferry - Hawkesbury River -Windsor - Beecroft Ride - 8 May 2010

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Rider - Dave

After I enjoyed a nice ride along the Hawkesbury the Saturday before, a friend pointed out the Audax ride for 8 May was a 150km loop from Hornsby to the Hawkesbury and back. Looking at the map - it looked like a great ride. I rode almost the same route - but in the reverse direction and ended a little earlier at Beecroft (because of very bad traffic on the road to Hornsby).

A map of  the ride can be found here.

A profile of the ride and Google Earth images can be found here.

Above - The Hawkesbury River from a lookout above Wisemans Ferry

Above - holiday cabins on the river - a good place for peace and quiet.

Above - river scene

Above - river scene

Above - cliffs above the road. This is one of two very short sections of gravel

Above - river scene

Above - The Portland Punt, and the bridge of the Colo River

Above - the Hawkesbury from the punt

Above - I detoured over the bridge to get this view of the Colo River

Above - looking back at the punt

Above - this house has nice views

Above - a park in Windsor - where I had lunch

Above - on the M7 cycleway

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