Walls Lookout - Grose Valley - 30 January 2005

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We had planned to climb the "West Face of the Mirrorball" - but as a warm up we wanted to do "Darkside". When we finshed the first climb - it was starting to rain, so we abandoned plans for the mirrorball.

Darkside (14)

"Darkside" is a climb up the back of the Mirrorball Pinnacle near Walls Lookout in the Grose Valley. It is mainly a trad climb with a few carrot bolts here and there. It can be well protected. Being a chimney - we were not used to the style of climbing involved. It was certainly interesting.

Topos and a description to this climb can be found here at the Sydney Rockies Site

The view looking towards the Mirrorball Pinnacle from Walls Lookout

Above - A detailed view showing the Mirrorball Pinnacle. Darkside goes up the chimney between the pinnacle and the cliff. The first pitch lies straight up the chimney for 40m to the large ledge. The second pitch goes up the rest of the chimney on the far side of the pinnacle. Then there are two easy pitches on the face to reach the halfway ledge.

Above - The view from the rap in.

Above - Berit begins the second of two long abseils

Above - Martin starts the chimney

Above - higher up

Above - even higher - Martin nears the top of pitch 1

Above - Berit starts to follow

Above - An interesting position

Above - and it stays interesting!

Above - More fun - Martin on pitch 2

Above - Berit on pitch 2

Above - Dave on pitch 2

Above - Dave on pitch 2

Above - Berit nears the top of pitch 3. Awesome views.

Above - Looking down at the Mirrorball Pinnacle as Martin starts pitch 3

Above - Martin near the top of pitch 3, while Berit belays.

Above - Martin leads out on pitch 4

Above - Some other climbers rap past

With rain approaching we abondon plans to rap down again and climb the West Face of the Mirrorball. But we did have time to climb a small route on the top cliff

Jub Jub the Iguana (19)

Above - Martin leads off

Above -a bit higher

Above - near the top

Above - Dave has a go

Above - it is steep, good climbing

Above - Then it was Berit's turn

Berit near the top

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