January 9 - Tom Thumb (the Fortress - Grose Valley)

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission. Photos of me were taken by Martin Pfeil.

Party - Martin Pfeil and Dave Noble

Tom Thumb (12) is a new 6 pitch route put in by Hayden Brotchie. It is in a vrey scenic setting. The route description can be found on the Sydney Rockies site.

Martin was keen to climb it - so we set off from the Fortress car park on the Mt Hay Road just after 10am. It took us slightly less than 2 hours to walk to the Fortress, find the top of the clib and do three long abseils down to the base of the climb. Three hours later we were back at the top in time for a late lunch and to meet friends of ours on their was out Fortress Ck Canyon. It was a good adventurous day out.

Above - Martin at the top of the first abseil. Its a long way down.

Above - the view looking down the Grose Valley

Above looking up the first pitch - the route goes up towards the right.

Above - Me, near the top of pitch 2

Above - Me, starting out on pitch 3

Above - Me, leading on pitch 5 - which was probably the most enjoyable pitch of the climb

Above - Me, near the top of the very easy last pitch

Above - At the top of the climb, the top of the nearby Great Rum Beer Chimney (8)

Above - Martin at the top of the climb (which is also the top of the abseil route down)

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