The Stables - 11 September 2005

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Climbers - Martin, Regina, Raphael, Dave, Audrey, Berit

Photos taken by Dave. Audrey and Regina

The day started out wet - but it was forecast to fine up. So we met at noon at this crag at Pennant Hills. You can see the sun was shining and the rock was dry.

Above - Raphi on "Suspect Zero" (18) and Regina on "Yoink" (14)

Above - Berit on "Yoink"

Above - Martin on "Suspect Zero"

Above - Dave shoots some video

Above - Audrey on "Yoink"

Above - Berit powers up the tricky crimps on the middle section of "Suspect Zero"

Above - Raphi on "Bunsen Honeydew" (18)

Above - Audrey on "Chronic" (19), Berit belaying

Above - Martin on "Chronic"

Above - Martin on "Mufusta" (18)

Above - Berit on "Bluntman" (20), Audrey belays while Regina spots

Above - Berit higher up on "Bluntman"

Above - Berit higher up on "Bluntman", while Martin watches from the top of "Mufusta"

Then we wandered around to the "Otherlands" crag for some more climbs

Above - Audrey on "Its all Chips and Gravy" (19), Berit belaying

Above - Martin on "The Hand that Feeds" (a tricky 17) and  Berit on "Cop that Kev" (19)

We also climbed "Sith Lord" (15) and on the way out "What the Hell is a Centograph" (3)

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