Marit's Farewell - 29 November 2005

Marit was a friend from Germany. She had been climbing with us - both indoor and outdoor, and also bushwalking and canyoning. She was now heading back to Germany. So, after an evening of indoor climbing we went out for a Thai meal and then we could say goodbye - and wish her the best for her trip home. We hope she comes back to visit soon.

Above - Sabs and Marit

Above - Tarin, Marit and Berit. After dinner Marit pulls out a large box of yummy chocolates!

Above - Dave Os, Garry and Tahlia, Digital Dave and Audrey

Above - Dave C, Tarrin, Marit and Berit

Above - Digital Dave, Audrey, Rob and Clare

Above - Garry and Tahlia. Tahlia loves the chocolates!

Above - And Marit has a book for us all to write in

Above - Marit and Dave

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