December 5 - Abseiling - Malatia Wall

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

We had planned to climb Sweet Dreams at Sublime Point. But when we arrived at the base of the climb there were several other parties waiting to start and even more parties higher up on the wall. So we waited for a few hours - and then found ourselves in a thunderstorm. We climbed out and went to the bakery - and then Martin suggested going to Malatia Point for some abseiling. The sun had even come out.

Above - Mareike on the first abseil

Above - Clare has a drink

Above - Christian gives a bottom belay

Above - Martin admires the view

Above - Clare touches down on the third abseil

Above - Mareike on the third abseil

Above - Clare and Mareike on top of the forth abseil

Above - Mareike on the forth abseil

Above - the view - Mt Solitary

Above - Mareike and Clare are taken for a ride

Above - At the cafe, The bottom bit is for RG, the top bit is for TW

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