November 11 - Audrey's Farewell Climb - SICG

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Audrey is heading overseas for while - so she came to the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym at St Peters for one last climb, and then a dinner at Bar Italia. It was a chance to say goodbye to Audrey.

Above - Audrey getting ready for a climb

Above - Julie belays

Above - Audrey climbing

Above - Riah

Above - Asaph and Danielle

Above - Audrey

Above- Julie, Audrey, Riah and Martin

Above- Berit and Digital Dave

Above - Audrey belays

Above - Martin climbs

Above - Julie and Audrey

Above - Danielle

Above - Julie has a well deserved rest after some good climbs

Above - At Bar Italia - Cheers!

Above - Clare and Chris

Above - Dave, Danielle, Asaph amd Audrey

Above - Danielle, Asaph, Martin, Riah, Audrey

Above - Martin, Riah, Audrey and Sue

Above - Danielle, Martin, Riah, Audrey and Sue

Above - Clare, Julie, Berit, Dave, Danielle and Martin

Above - Julie, Berit, Dave, Danielle, Martin, Riahm Asaph, Audrey, Sue

Two nights later - Audrey at her local pub - The Royal Hotel (Do you remember this pub Tina?)

Goodbye Audrey - Have a good trip - and come back soon!

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