Carmarthen Canyons

Thunder Canyon

The first of the Carmarthen Canyons to be descended. The history of its exploration in October 1960 can be found in Press On Regardless. See articles by Colin Oloman, Gerry O'Byrne and Dick Donaghey.

Ranon Canyon

First descnded in April 1962 by a party from the Kameruka Bushwalking Club - Barry Dunnett (the "Camel") and Dave Lambert. The original leader of the trip, Les Watters was unable to go.

Claustral Canyon

A Kameruka Bushwalking Club party attempted to descend this canyon in December 1962 - but got as far as the third abseil. The Keyhole was blocked - and they found no belay point. The party then climbed back up their ropes and entered the system further downstream via what is now called Rainbow Ravine. The then went right up the canyon to the base of the third abseil. In January 1963, Rick Higgins and Terry Thomas, made the first through trip - but they abseiled down below the waterfall section directly into what they called "The Black Hole of Calcutta".

Buramin Canyon

King George Canyon