Rocky Creek Canyon  - 19 December 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Albert, Dave

Albert and myself spent a weekend visiting and photographing some of the nice canyons in the Blue Mountains. Our first canyon was Rocky Creek Canyon.

Rocky Creek canyon is a deep and dark canyon and always quite cold. So it is hard to photograph. We had a bright sunny day - and so the light was very contrasty. In these conditions it is best to avoid directly lit sections of the canyon and photograph areas lit by reflected light. We went down the canyon and then back up it.

Above - this poor goanna must have fallen into the canyon. It looked very cold. It was trying to get into the sun.

Above - the goanna was following the sun (while it lasted!)

After the canyon we headed of to camp at a nice place above Carne Creek. After setting up our tents, we headed out to a nearby lookout to take a few photos of the spectacular gorge of Carne Creek.

Above - Albert with his cameras

Above - Pagoda Daisy - Leucochrysum graminifolium

The next day we visited The River Caves Canyon and later The Grand Canyon.

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