Canyoning in the Blue Mountains - 25 October 2015

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Wendy, Digi Dave, Frances, Martin, Steffy, Su Li, Dave N

After a nature walk, the day before, we had gone to Victoria Falls Lookout to camp the night and to meet up with friends. Then most of the group headed off to a nearby canyon. Enmoore and Brent had set out with us, but they formed a "splinter group" and walked back out (Enmoore had got a huge splinter from a log, and needed medical attention. Thanks to Brent for walking out with her. She got good treatment at Katoomba Hospital.)

Above - Dalpura Head from Victoria Falls Lookout. You can see the Wafer Thin Fin (detached pinnacle) - about 2/3 from the left hand side. The top of the pinnacle is easy to discern.

Above - Burra Korain Head

Above - Asgard Head - dawn

Above - The Grose Valley

Above - Asgard Head

Above - In our canyon - a hand over hand down this cascade

Above - in this section are some old steps cut into the rock - part of an old tourist track?

Above - We continue through the canyon

Above - Frances on the main abseil. Digi Dave assisting below in the pool.

Above - Su Li on the abseil

Above - Wendy on the abseil

Above - the creek lower down

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