South Wolgan Canyoning - 10-11 December 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

Day 1

We visited three canyons this day. The photos on day 2 are found on this page.

Crooked Crevice Canyon

Above - Bob on the second abseil

Above - Bob on the second abseil

Above - the next section of canyon is very narrow - you need to bridge above it

Above - another narrow section

Above - Bob on the third abseil

Above - Nice views on the way out

Tigersnake Canyon

Above - One of many Hyacinth Orchids we saw (Dipodium punctatum)

Above - Bob abseiling into the lower constriction

Above - Canyon formation - in the Arch Chamber

Above - Canyon formation - in the Arch Chamber

Above - there was also this dead animal - possibly a dead koala?

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Me in the photo

Above - sunbeams (rare in Tigersnake Canyon)

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Stormy weather! Looking towards Deanes Creek.

Above - Bob on the pagodas

Above - Looking to the Place That Time Forgot

The Dry Canyon

We camped at the top of the Dry Canyon. We visited the canyon in the late afternoon - and it was extremelt dark and gloomy in the canyon - I didn't take any photos until the end. On the way back up a storm hit us.

Above - Donkey Mountain and the Wolgan Valley

Above - Aboriginal hand stencil. Bob spotted this very faint stencil in a cave we sheltered from the rain in.

Above - Our shelter cave.

The next day we visited more canyons. Continue to Day 2.

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