Claustral Canyon - 18 February 2014

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

We left the carpark on the Bell Rd about 9:30 am and had a short walk down to the creek and then down to the jumps and abseils. With just two of us, we got through the abseils quickly and then continued through the canyon.

I was hoping to get some photos and had carried a camera and tripod with me. The weather was overcast, not raining and with the sun threatening to come out. The resulted in some soft lighting in the canyon - which can make for nice photos. But I was hoping for a bit brighter conditions and perhaps some sunbeams. The new entry routeto the canyon does not take very long - and from a photographic perspective you probably are the main part of the canyon too early in the day. It may be better to wait around a bit when the sun is more overhead?

After completing the canyon - we headed up through Rainbow Ravine and out to the side of the Camels Hump for lunch. Then along the causeway and back into the creek higher up. It took us exactly half an hour to reach the track to the Bell Rd where we had come in. This is not far past the short swims - and it is not worth putting a wetsuit back on for these. We were back on the Bell Rd by 3:30 pm.

Thanks to Bob for being very patient waiting for me to set up and take photos.

Above - Bob on the first abseil

Above - Bob on the second abseil

Above - Bob on the third abseil

Above - dull lighting in the Black Hole of Calcutta

The rest of the photos were all taken between the Ranon junction and the Thunder junction using a tripod -

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