Rocky Creek Canyon - 11 January 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Chris, Suzie, Digi Dave, Dave N

This was the first of three days we spent in Wollemi National Park. We left town on Thursday afternoon, and to the best of my knowledge Wollemi National Park was open for activities such as canyoning. On our return, I found that all National Parks were closed for walking (but not for camping or certain commercial canyoning) due to extreme fire danger. We camped in the bush on Thursday night. On Friday morning, there was one other party in the Rocky Creek carpark, and they told us that they had checked and Wollemi National Park was open (according to the website).

Our trip was down Twister Canyon and then down and back up the same way through Rocky Creek Canyon. It was quite a hot day - and we spent most of the day in the canyon - a good place to escape the heat. The other party went through Twister Canyon but only a short way into Rocky Creek Canyon (strange? - perhaps they were too cold?).

Below are selected photographs taken in Rocky Creek Canyon. The lighting was very harsh and too contrasty for good photos. It was difficult to avoid photographs with blown out highlights.

After camping at Barcoo Swamp, the next day, we headed out to visit The River Caves Canyon

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