Birthdays and Canyons at Newnes - 9 - 10 February 2013

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Party - Dan, Sarah, Paul, Bridget, Sharon M, Gabe, Sharon R, Brett, Scott, Andrew, Sam, Mandy, Craig, Tony, Kerrie, James, Dave N

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Friday Evening - Newnes Campground

Above - a nice clear sky. Comet Lemmon is just visible as a small green dot - about level and left with the top of the small magallenic cloud (the lower one) and vertically above the left of the tree

Above - The Milky Way and the LMC

Above - Bridget photographing the stars

Saturday - Newnes Canyon

Above - the Wolgan Valley from near the Pipeline Track

Above - the Wolgan Valley

Above - some of the party (we split up into smaller groups)

Above - Dan - the birthday boy

Above - Gabriel abseils into Newnes Canyon

Above - Sharon M on the abseil into Newnes Canyon

Above - Sharon M in the canyon

Above - in Newnes Canyon

Above - we are now about to enter the "Amazing Wallaby Tunnel" section of Newnes Canyon

Above - glow worms in the tunnel

Above - Bridget in the tunnel

Above - Mandy, Andrew and Bridget

Above - Mandy

Above - Mandy

Above - Bridget

Above - Bridget

Above - Bridget

Above - Bridget

Above - Bridget

Above - Bridget

Above - Bridget

Above - glow worm threads

Above - Mandy

Above - Dan and Mandy

Above - the party is held up at the end of the tunnel for some reason - go to the next page to find out why

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