Australia Day Long Weekend Canyoning - 26 - 28 January 2013

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Party - Rik, Wendy, Rob, Dan, Sharon, Brett, Dave

A long weekend is a good time to head out to visit some more remote canyons. Rik organised a trip into the Northern Blue Mountains. We visited a canyon on Saturday and another on Sunday. On Monday, we walked back to the cars.

Above - Dan and Rob heading upstream into our first canyon

Above - this canyon was very long and alternated in wet and dry sections

Above - Dan and Rob in one of the dry sections

Above - Our way was blocked by a tiger snake. A large one too. But it slunk away and hid in a hole.

Above - ahead was a tunnel

Above - looking back - Dan approaching the tunnel

Above - more nice canyon above the tunnel

Above - a few tricky obstacles to climb up

Above - Dan and Rob at the top of the canyon and Brett and Sharon looking up

Above - up come Rik and Wendy

Above - we head back down the canyon

After visiting the canyon, we set up our camp. Early on Sunday morning - we had a storm. It was too wet to canyon - so we sleep in. After breakfast I wandered over to a nearby creek to take some photos.

After lunch, the rain had died down to light drizzle and the creeks had gone down. So we headed off to visit another canyon. The photos are continued on this page.

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