Canyoning in the Gardens of Stone and Wollemi National Park - 2 February 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Doug, Nick, Dave Os, Dave N

It had been raining a lot the night before our trip - so we chose to visit some fairly dry canyons with small catchment areas. We visited two canyons - one in Gardens of Stone National Park and one in Wollemi National Park.

Canyon 1

Above - Doug in the canyon

Above - looking down the narrow slot

Above - Doug jumps across a pool, with Dave Os behind

Above - Nick watches Doug on a tricky bit

Above - Dave Os on the tricky section

Above - canyon formation

Above - looking back up the canyon

Above - looking down the canyon

Above - Dave Os in the canyon

Above - our handy exit gully

Above - above the canyon

Canyon 2

Above - walking down this very dry anyon

Above - above the canyon - looking down the slot

Above - rock formation

The next day, I visited another two canyons - Jugglers Canyon and Grand Canyon

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