Dalpura Canyon and the Lost Pillar - 12 October 2013

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October is a good time to visit this nice canyon. The main reason is the abundant wildflowers on display on the ridges nearby. On this trip - we chose to exit via the ridge to the east. This was very easy to do and gave us a chance to inspect the Lost Pillar - an amazingly spectacular detached pinnacle on the cliffs of the Grose Valley.

Party - Rik, Dave

Above - Sun Orchids

Above - Boronia

Above - Sun Orchids

Above - Rik abseiling into the canyon

Above - continuing down through the canyon

Above - cliffs at the end of the canyon

Above - on the cliffs above the canyon

Above - cliffs of the Grose Valley

Above - pagodas

Above - Thor Head on the left, Valhalla Head in the middle and Ikara Head behind

Above - Looking towards Burra Korain Head

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