Northern Blue Mountains Canyoning Trip - 26 - 31 December 2013

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

As usual, a group of us headed off for some remote canyoning in the Northern Blue Mountains during the Boxing Day - New Year period.

Party - Rik, John, Rob, Dan, Dave

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Day 1

Above - view from the ridge

Above - canyon country!

Above - we set up a base camp on the ridge

Day 2

Above - Dan abseiling down into the first canyon

Above - Rik on a lower abseil

Above - John

Above - canyon formation

Above - John and Rob

Above - Dan

Above - Rob in the canyon

Above - Rik using a log to climb down a small drop

Above - more abseils

Above - canyon spider! This was bigger than a hand span.

Above - back at the ridge camp

Day 3

Above - Rik abseiling into the next canyon

Above - Rob climbing around a pool

Above - John abseiling

Above - looking down into the maw of this very deep canyon

Above - Rik

Above - John abseiling with Dan above

Above - Rik further down the canyon

Above - small drop and pool

Above - looking ahead - it still looks good!

Above - Rik on the way down

Above - Rob in a cool pool

Above - John

Above - John

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