Canyon Exploration - Northern Blue Mountains - 28-29 July 2012

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Party - Rik, Rob, Michael, Michael, Dave

We had explored in this area before for new canyons with mixed success. A few years ago, Rik, Rob and Zen had been on a trip and found a nice canyon, new to us. On that trip they were unable to go down it as they did not have ropes. Rik was keen to venture out into the area again so he organised this trip. It was winter and it was cold - but we knew that many canyons in the Blue Mountaisn are fairly dry.

Above - to get to our canyon area - we had to cross through this rugged country

Above - Rik and Rob enjoy the views

Above - the two Michaels walking through nice open woodland

Above - Michaeil in a back passage

Above - we rest at this large creek

Above - climbing up the other side

Above - Rik in the first canyon

Above - Rik on the first abseil

Above - looking down the impressive canyon

Above - Rob in the canyon

Above - we arrive at the top of the next abseil - and find an old sling. We were rather surprised as the canyon is quite remote

Above - looking down - more impressive canyon!

Above - Michael looks down

Above - looking back upstream

Above - below the abseil was a long deep looking pool. Rob is a little reluctant to veture through it.

Above - Rik does his best to keep dry

Above - a small downclimb near the end of the canyon

The photos are continued on this page

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