Galah Canyon - 21 October 2012

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Dan, Sharon, Gabe, Mica, Rik, Rob, Mandy, Dave

Above - at Barcoo Swamp

Above - the upper constriction of Galah Canyon is quite pretty and has a few tricky downclimbs and small pools the negotiate

Above - further downstream is this small drop that we abseiled. You can also climb around it.

Above - Rik abseiling

Above - Rob, Rik and Sharon

Above - Mandy

Above -a nice section of the creek

Above - an old creeper

Above - Mica on the first abseil of the lower constriction

Above - looking down the canyon

Above - Mica and Mandy

Above - Rob on the short but tricky second drop

Above - Mandy on the second drop

Above - Mica on the third abseil

Above - looking back up - fresh logs made this drop a bit easier to scramble down

Above - Mandy (above) and Sharon on the third abseil

Above - Rik on top of the last (fourth) abseil

Above - Mica abseils

Above - view from the top of the pass out of Rocky Creek. There are three passes just near the end of Galah Canyon. All are a bit tricky.

Above - Mica using a log to climb out of the creek higher up

Above - waratah

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