Grand Canyon - 15 December 2012

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Party - John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Dave

It was the weekend of the SUBW walk down to the Coxs River. A large SUBW party were visiting Grand Canyon before the walk. We also intened to join the party on the Coxs River and visit the canyon before the walk. However, with a baby (Jasper) with us - we decided it would be best to enter the canyon from below rather than do the abseil.

Above - canyon formation

Above - John (with Jasper) and Chuin Nee

Above - Jasper negotiates the swim

Above - we meet up with Jo and Rob from the SUBW party

Above - Lilian from the SUBW party

Above - Lilian and Cathy (SUBW)

Above - the SUBW party heading down the canyon

Above - another party (a commercial party of three) coming down the canyon

Above - Jasper sleeping

Above - heading out the track to Evans Lookout

Above - The Grose Valley from Evans Lookout

After the canyon we met up with friends and then headed down to Megalong Valley for the SUBW Xmas walk to the Coxs River

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