Canyoning in the Gardens of Stone - 4 - 5 August 2012

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Page 1 - Day 1 - Saturday

Party - Su Li, Wendy, Dave W, Dave N

We enjoyed a delightful weekend on the Gardens of Stone National Park visiting two nice canyons. Thanks to Su Li for organising the trip.

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Above - rock formations above the first canyon

Above - Su Li heading into the first canyon

Above - in the canyon

Above - Wendy exploring the canyon

Above - Dave and Wendy in the canyon

Above - Dave avoids getting wet feet

Above - in a large acoustic chamber

Above - back in the canyon

Above - Dave and Su Li above the canyon looking down at one of the large acoustic chambers

Above - rock formation

Above - exploring the tops

Above - an interesting rib of rock

Above - I wander out along it (Photo taken by Su Li)

Above - rock formation

Above - another large acoustic chamber back in the canyon

Above - admiring the canyon

Above - looking over at the rock rib

Above - Dave W

Above - a nice clear night sky back at the camp

Above - Omega Centauri - globular cluster

Above - it was a cold night - but warm near the fire

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